Tournament Rules



   22nd Annual Cameron Memorial Soccer

Saturday August 11- Sunday August 12 – Boys & Girls U13-U18


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22002, Trenton, ON K8V 6S3

Club House: 75 Couch Cres, Trenton, ON, K8V 1G8

Phone: 613-965-6283  Email: or



Click here to download a copy of our tournament rules.



  1. Application and Registration
  1. All teams must apply to the tournament by completing the online application.  The link can be found on our Club website,  This is the only application that will be considered.
  2. Payment of $425.00 is due at the time of application.  Applications submitted without payment will be placed on hold until payment is received or the division fills, whichever comes first.  Application deadline is July 13, 2018.  Refunds will not be granted to teams withdrawing after July 17th.  An administration fee may apply to applications withdrawn after July 1.
  3. An email confirming receipt of your application and payment will be sent when both are received by our office.
  4. Team registration will be Friday August 10, 6-9pm and Saturday morning one hour before your first game.  Teams must provide ALL required documentation before being allowed to play any games.
  5. All teams from outside SOSA must supply an approved travel permit from their home District or Provincial Association to participate in the tournament.
  6. All players must have their Association’s proof of registration, (OSA player book or equivalent) to be shown at registration prior to the team’s first game.  Failure to provide such proof will render the player ineligible to participate.  QWSC reserves the right to check player books at the start of any game if there is a question of a player’s eligibility.
  7. A list of player’s names, DOB and OSA # must be submitted at check in.  A tournament roster sheet is available online.  No players may be added after the roster is approved at check in.
  8. A Code of Conduct will be signed on behalf of all team officials, players and spectators.
    1. Eligibility Requirements and Fees


      U13-U18 = $425.00


  1. We offer all age divisions U13-U18 for both boys’ and girls’ teams.  Co-ed teams must play in the boys division.
  2. We strive to fill every division, but reserve the right to combine age divisions if necessary based on applications received.
  3. Regional (L3) teams are welcome to apply, however they will be required to play up one age level.  OYSL teams must play up two age levels.  All Star teams are welcome to register in competitive divisions in their age divisions.
  4. Teams must clearly state their current level of league play on the application.  Teams must state clearly what division they play in.  Division 1, Regional etc….  We check so please be honest on your application.



  1. Players may play for only one team in the festival and/or tournament.
  2. Teams may bring no more than three (3) guest players.  A guest player is defined as a player who is not on your OSA roster.  A guest may be a player from within your own Club, or from another Club.  Proof of permission for a guest from another Club must be provided as well as their approved player book.  A player from within your club only requires their player book.
  3. Guest players must be eligible by age to play with your team.  That means, the player is of the same age or younger (playing up).  A guest player who is registered to an older team in a league is still eligible to play with an age appropriate team as a guest.  (i.e. a U13 player who is rostered to a U14 team for league play may still be a guest on a U13 tournament team).  Guest players must be from a team of the same level or one higher only.  Regional players may only be guests to teams one age level higher than what they are rostered to.
  4. Players must wear clearly visible numbers on the back of their shirts.  Each player shall have a different number which must match the players name and number on the game sheet.


  1. Only team officials will be allowed on the players’ sidelines during a game.  No more than three team officials will be allowed on the sideline per game.
  2. Officials who are with more than one team must present themselves with their OSA book at check-in and inform the clerk which teams they are to be registered with.  If another team official is completing the check in, please be sure they know to verify paperwork in the other team’s file.
    1. Tournament Format
  1. Teams will be guaranteed three games.  Duration of games will be 2 X 25 minute halves.  Semi-finals and finals for U13 and U14 will be the same.  Semi-finals and finals for U15 and above will be 2 X 30 minute halves
  2. There must be a minimum of one hour rest between each game played by any team.

    Points will be determined as follows:

    3 Points for a Win

    1 Point for a Tie*

    0 Points for a Loss

    • Ties stand in round robin play


  3. Determining Division Winners and finalists where teams are tied for points; the following will break a tie:
    1. Result of games between teams tied head to head
    2. Team with most wins
    3. Goal Spread (goals scored minus goals against)
    4. Team with Least Goals Against
    5. Shoot-out between tied teams
  4. Only players on the field of play at the end of the overtime period will be eligible to take penalty kicks.  All of these players must kick before any one player may kick again. 
  5. Goalkeeper may be substituted at any time from the players on the field with the referee’s acknowledgement.
    1. Home team
  1. The first team listed for each match will be designated as the home team and must provide a suitable game ball.
  2. The home team must change its jersey in the case of similar jersey colours.
    1. Equipment
  1. All players must wear shin pads and dress according to the OSA’s guidelines. 
  2. No jewelry, except medic alert may be worn.
    1. Forfeits
  1. A minimum of seven (7) players for all youth division are required for the game to proceed.
  2. All teams must be prepared to begin a game 10 minutes prior to the time shown on the schedule.
    1. Substitutions
  1. Substitutions will be allowed during games only at the following opportunities:
    1. Before kick off when goal is scored
    2. Goal Kicks
    3. Prior to kick off at start of second half.
    4. At referee discretion for player injury
    5. On team throw in/kick in and at the discretion of the referee.  Opposing team may choose to “piggy back”.
  2. The referee has the right to waive off the substitution.
  3. No substitution will be allowed for a player dismissed by a referee for an offence under Law XX! – Foul and Misconduct of the Laws of the Game.
    1. Discipline
  1. All discipline cases will be reported to each team’s home District Association.
  2. Any red carded player, coach or manager dismissed from a game shall sit out the remainder of that game AS WELL AS THE ENTIRE NEXT GAME in which the team is scheduled to play.
  3. Any player, coach or manager receiving a second red card will be barred from further participation in the tournament.
  4. A player receiving two cautions in one game will be immediately dismissed from the game and must sit out the next game.  If a player receives a total of three cautions in Round Robin play, he/she must sit out the team’s next scheduled game.
  5. A player receiving a red card for violent conduct will be removed from the balance of the tournament.
    1. Protests
  1. Protests must be in writing from a team’s manager or coach, and along with $50 cash fee, submitted within 15 minutes following the game in question.
  2. This protest must be presented to the Tournament Director at Headquarters in Centennial Park, or the designated person at the satellite sites.
  3. The $50 fee will be non-refundable if the protest is denied.  Protests against a referee’s decision will not be heard.   The decision will be final and no appeals allowed.
    1. Weather
  1. If severe thunderstorms occur, coaches and teams must present themselves at the designated tournament control centre in each park or they forfeit the game.  If the referee or tournament committee concludes that the conditions are hazardous to the players, play will be suspended until the conditions are judged to be safe.
  2. The tournament committee reserves the right to shorten games in order to ensure that all games are played.  The committee may, if necessary, cancel a game that does not affect the final standings.
    1. General
  1. Plaque presentations will take place at the conclusion of the play for each division at Headquarters in Centennial Park, or the field your team is playing at.
  2. The tournament committee, Host Club and Quinte West Soccer Club will not be responsible for                 any expenses incurred by any team should the event be cancelled in whole or in part.
  3. The tournament committee for QWSC reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.
  4. Harassment of intimidation of the referees or QWSC staff will not be tolerated.  Failure to comply with this could result in team officials and/or team being suspended from further play.
  5. The tournament committee and the Host Club, QWSC will not be liable for any injuries sustained     by any participant in the tournament, on or off the field.


We look forward to seeing you in August!