The Canadian Soccer Association, following on the heels of a mandate from Sport Canada, has introduced the need for a new and better approach to developing the sport—and individual players—across the country. 

In response to this, the Ontario Soccer Association is beginning to implement the exciting, new Long Term Player Development program (LTPD). Listed below are some updates concerning what the program is and how it will affect everyone in the soccer community in Ontario including players, parents and caregivers, coaches, clubs, etc.

Please take a few moments to read through some of the listed articles as provided by Alex Chiet the OSA's Chief Technical Director.

Parents FAQ's about LTPD Feb 2012.pdf

Parents & Caregivers Message about LTPD

Coaches Message about LTPD

OSA Coaching Transition for 2012

LTPD Update Aug 2011

LTPD Update Sep 2011

Technical Advisory Council Update on LTPD Oct 2011