Under 3 and 4 Program
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Under 3 and 4 Development Program



Length of Half

# of Players Including Goalie

# of Players to Avoid Forfeit

Ball Size

Field Size





20 min Skills and 2 15 min halves










This is a teaching time for these young soccer players and we want them to learn as much as they can, but it needs to be FUN. We want to simplify the program as well as make sure all coaches (new and returning) are playing the same way.


We are playing 2-15 minute halves with a 5-minute break.

There will be 4 players and a goalie on the field

There can be a maximum of 2 adults i.e. coach and/or assistant on the field at any one time. If you have a very shy child and the parent wants to go out on the field with them – that is fine for the first 2-3 weeks, but then it is necessary to encourage the child to go on his/her own.


Players will start game, as with all mini games, with the kick off at centre field.


When a ball is kicked out at the touchline (behind the goal net), the goalie will kick the ball from the top of the box.


When a ball is kicked out at sides, a kick in will result (instead of a throw in). Players will kick the ball from the sideline and opposing players will give 6-8 feet for the ball to be inbounded fairly.


When the ball is kicked into the goalie area and he/she picks up the ball, the goalie then places the ball on the line at the front of the box and kicks it out to players. All players must be 10 feet back, so that no one gets hit with a ball/foot. Also, it will give the players a chance to clear the ball instead of a kick right back in.


We do not keep track or publish any scores in the paper for these divisions.