For a full copy of our constitution or to print a copy, you may download it here











The name of the organization shall be Quinte West Soccer Club henceforth known herein as QWSC.





The Club shall be a Member of the Southeast Soccer Association (SOSA) and shall follow the published rules of the District Association and the Ontario Soccer Association, hereinafter referred to as The ONTARIO SOCCER.  The Club is subject to the published rules in declining order of authority of the following bodies to which it is affiliated:



The District Association

The Club





To govern, promote and develop the game of soccer.


To provide children with the opportunity to engage in an activity that is both enjoyable and which promotes physical fitness.


To promote and encourage sportsmanship and fair play among players, learning the game of soccer.





The recognized symbol for the organization shall be a shield with a Wolverine with a ball in its mouth and name QUINTE WEST SOCCER CLUB around it.  This symbol shall appear on all uniforms and articles representing our program.


QWSC primary colours shall be Forest Green and/or White with Forest Green trim. Any changes to the primary colours of QWSC shall require approval from 60% of the rep player membership.



Any person/team/group wishing to utilize the QWSC symbol for any reason, shall request permission in writing to the QWSC President.





The Board of Directors shall consist of the nine (9) elected Directors, together with the Secretary.


In addition to the Board of Directors, Ex-officio members may be appointed by the Board of Directors.  An Ex-officio member is a non-voting member working under an elected officer of the Board of Directors.



Election of the QWSC Board of Directors shall take place at the Annual General Meeting prior to December 31st.  Voting shall be done by secret ballot.  The elected officers shall assume office by January 1st of the term (Term is from January 1st to December 31st of the following year).  The new officials may commence sitting in on board meetings but will not have voting authority until January 1 of the following year. 


All Board of Directors positions will be for terms of 2 years alternating between Group A and Group B as follows:

Group A - President, Equipment Manager, House League Convenor,

                             Head Referee, Tournament Convenor

Group B - Treasurer, Head Coach, Rep Liaison, Assistant Referee


If a position becomes vacant due to resignation and that position is not co-opted as per the By-Laws of the Corporation, that position will be dealt with as a special case scenario and details of the voting procedures will be divulged at the General Meeting prior to any voting.


The election of the Board of Directors shall be by a majority vote of the voting public (as outlined in the By-Laws) in attendance at the Annual General Meeting.


The Elected Officers are to be from the Quinte West district.  These Officers are to consist of:

Text Box: President Treasurer Head Coach Equipment Manager Head Referee Assistant Referee Rep Liaison House League Convenor Tournament Convenor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    





President elected must have a minimum of two (2) year’s experience with QWSC, 1 year of those as a Convenor or Executive Member.





All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order in so far as they may apply.





Appendix “A”, “B”, and “C” attached forms part of this Constitution.





The Constitution of QWSC shall only be altered with 2/3rd approval at the Annual General Meeting.


Proposed changes to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Quinte West Soccer Club at least two (2) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.  Amendments shall not be accepted from the floor.


Policies and Procedures of the Constitution may be changed or amended by a vote of the Board of Directors at any Board meeting.  Such changes must be made known at the next Annual General Meeting.


Any changes in the Policies and procedures of the constitution shall not contravene the current playing rules of F.I.F.A. except with regards to substitutions, playing time and mini-soccer rules.






This Quinte West Soccer Club Constitution was modified as a result of motions passed at the Annual General Meeting held in Trenton on November 27, 2017.


Effective Date:  November 28, 2017

Appendix “A”



Club Policies and Procedures



  1. This policy affirms the Quinte West Soccer Club’s (QWSC) commitment to providing services to persons with disabilities in a way that respects their dignity, independence and right of equal opportunities and access.
  2. “Persons with disabilities”- refers to any person with a disability as defined under the Canadian human rights legislation (e.g. person with a visual impairment, person with a hearing impairment etc.)
  3. QWSC Commitment
    1. QWSC members and representatives must communicate to the best of their ability with persons with disabilities in ways that take the persons disabilities into account.
    2. Persons with disabilities are permitted to use their own assistive devices to aid communication with QWSC.
    3. QWSC members and representatives must permit persons accompanied by a service animal to enter the QWSC premises with the animal and to keep the animal with him/her.
    4. Where a person is accompanied by a support person, QWSC members and representatives must work with both the person with a disability and the support person to ensure equal access to services.
    5. The QWSC will work with the person with a disability and his or her support person to examine the possibility of adapting the recreational game of soccer to meet the needs of both the person with disability and the players involved in any adaptations.The QWSC reserves the right to decide if the laws of the game are affected beyond a tolerable limit.If this is the situation then the possibility of developing a new program will be examined to accommodate the disability.Sufficient number of participants in the new program will dictate if the program is viable.
  4. Awareness and Education: The QWSC is committed to train all QWSC members and representative who interact with the public about how to provide appropriate communication to persons with disabilities and options available through the QWSC office.Training will be provided before each soccer season commences through the Coaches meeting and whenever the QWSC alters its policies or practices regarding accessible customer service.
  5. Feedback Process: The QWSC welcomes feedback about how it provides services to persons with disabilities.Members of the public may provide feedback in the manner deemed most convenient to them, including in person, by telephone, on writing or by email or other electronic format.
  6. Availability of Documents:This policy will be made available to any member of the public upon request.
  7. Interpretation:Responsibility for the interpretation of this policy rests jointly with the President of the QWSC and Office Manager
  8. Review:This policy will be reviewed annually.




  1. Quinte West Soccer Club prohibits the use of any illegal substances.
  2. Any referee, player or coach under the influence of an illegal substance will be removed from the field of play immediately.
  3. Quinte West Soccer Club will refer to the ONTARIO SOCCER Doping guidelines as required.



1.0 Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin, class, age, sexual orientation, family status, religion or disability is expressly forbidden in the Quinte West Soccer Club field of play, workplace, or in any QWSC sanctioned event.



1.1 QWSC is a member of the Ontario Soccer Association (ONTARIO SOCCER) and all organizations affiliated with the ONTARIO SOCCER including, but not limited to, District Associations, Leagues, Clubs, Associate Members, ONTARIO SOCCER-Recognized Non-Club Academies (ORNCA) and all ONTARIO SOCCER Registrants are governed by, and subject to, where applicable, the following ONTARIO SOCCER Governing Documents:

 a) ONTARIO SOCCER By-Laws: The ONTARIO SOCCER By-Laws provide the structure and framework for the governance of the ONTARIO SOCCER. The By-Laws are approved by the Member Organizations of the ONTARIO SOCCER.

b) ONTARIO SOCCER Policies: An ONTARIO SOCCER Policy is a position adopted by the Board of Directors that directs a definitive course of action for the organization to enhance consistent decision making throughout the organization. It may include related actions to enforce even more consistency when implementing the policy position. ONTARIO SOCCER Policies shall be developed and approved by the Board of Directors.

c) ONTARIO SOCCER Operational Procedures: The ONTARIO SOCCER Operational Procedures are the specific methods or processes used to implement the policies of the organization in the day-to-day operations of the organization. ONTARIO SOCCER Operational Procedures shall be developed by Staff which will provide each Board member with the opportunity to provide feedback before the Operational Procedure is approved by the Executive Director. When required, the development and approval of some Operational Procedures may be delegated to other groups (other than staff)

 d) Governing Documents of FIFA and CSA: The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the International Sport Governing Body and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is the National Sport Governing Body in Canada.

 e) Applicable Government Legislation: Federal, Provincial and Municipal Legislation for which adherence is mandatory.


QWSC adheres to Bill 168 for all club volunteers and employees.



  1. Quinte West Soccer clubs abides the City of Quinte West policy bylaw 2007-142 and 9567
  2. The use of e-cigarettes are prohibited on the field of play



  1. Quinte West Soccer Club encourages healthy snacking
  2. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the coach of any allergy when planning a snack schedule



Concussion/Return to Play Policy


The health and safety of all our members is the first priority.  In the event of an injury that prohibits you from play, we ask that you return using the following guidelines.  In the event of a concussion, we will enforce the return to play process.


A typical RTP process will be made up of 6 steps. There must be a minimum of 24 hours before each step is assessed although this could be considerably longer than 24 hours. Oversight should be provided by a medical professional. The 6 steps are as follows:

  1. No activity, complete rest. Once the athlete is asymptomatic, they proceed to level two. The athlete spends, at the minimum, one day at each stage.
  2. Light aerobic exercise such as walking or stationary cycling, no resistance training. Performing step two without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level three. If symptoms return, the athlete moves back one stage then continues.
  3. Sport specific training (e.g. skating in hockey, running in football), progressive addition of resistance training at steps three or four. Performing step three without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level four.
  4. Non-contact training drills. Performing step four without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level five.
  5. Full contact training after medical clearance. Performing step five without symptoms allows the athlete to proceed to level six.
  6. Game play.



Travel Policies

Any team wishing to participate in a tournament outside the jurisdiction of ONTARIO SOCCER must submit an Application to Travel Form (A.T.F.) signed by their club together with proof that the tournament has been sanctioned by the parent organization of the Club hosting the tournament and the appropriate fee.

As these applications require District and sometimes ONTARIO SOCCER. and C.S.A. approval please pay particular attention to the deadlines for submission of the A.T.F.`s which are printed on the reverse side of the forms. Please note that travel outside Canada and the United    States requires 60 days not 45 which is printed on the form.

Please also refer to the ONTARIO SOCCER. tournament classifications in order to make sure that your team is eligible to attend the tournament you are applying for permission to attend.
A team is covered by insurance under the ONTARIO SOCCER insurance policy for travel within Ontario only. You may wish to purchase additional insurance for travel to provinces other than Ontario and International tournaments.

Representation of the Club


When going to tournaments, teams represent our club and we want all teams to represent us respectively and professionally. Sportsmanship, respect and positivity are highly encouraged when travelling. We ask all our players, coaches and players to follow this.



Communication Policy


Communication includes:

  • Club website
  • Mail
  • Email
  • League meetings
  • Marketing Material (posters, Twitter, etc.)
  • SMS Service


Communication with Membership


The Club’s website, is the primary method of communicating with our membership. All relevant communications and Club information is made available through our website.


The other main forms of communication are e-mail, telephone and select Social Media websites.


E-mails are sent out through our database. We only send out information to parents and volunteers that have supplied us with their contact information and wish to receive notice from the club.


Annual General Meeting minutes are available in hard copy at the Club office.

The Board of Directors meeting minutes are available in hard copy at the Club office.


The Club’s Constitution, Policies and Procedures and Rules and Regulations are posted on the Club website.






Communication – Coach, Player, Parent


Issues regarding soccer matters such as playing time, position, formation etc., should be first discussed with your Team Head Coach. Do not approach either the head coach or assistant coach before, during or after a game to discuss any of these issues.

A 24 Hour Cooling Period is mandatory.


If you are unable to resolve the matter with your team coach, you should ask to discuss the matter with the Club Administrator. Send an email to or submit a hard copy to the office, so we have a complaint/issue in writing. We will then take the issue to our board meetings to discuss further action.


Communication and issues with your Coach are private matters and should be treated as such and should not be addressed with other parents. These issues should not be made public via email to other parents/players or be posted

on electronic bulletin boards. Violation of this may result in removal or suspension of parent and/or player from the team.


Anti- Spam Regulations


As a club, we follow Anti-Spam Regulations.


This is what we sent out to our club members:

  • Consumers will have control over who can send them a commercial    
    electronic    message or business email   .
  • Companies will have to identify themselves in their emails and provides
    a way to unsubscribe from receiving further messages. Spammers that 
    do not comply risk major financial    penalties.
  • The new regulations make it clear that the fundraising   activities of 
    Canadian charities   , will be exempted from the Act.
  • Canadians will be able to report violations and file complaints on 
    the Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation website.

Canada is set to enact new anti-spam legislation which, when it comes 
into force, will regulate the distribution of electronic messages. 
To comply with this new law, ___________is required to obtain your 
consent in order to continue to send you e-communications from our 
ORGANIZATION. This may include newsletters, publications, 
announcements, invitations    and other news or information. 
Please confirm your consent to receive emails 
and other electronic exchanges, as outlined above, from 








Social Media Policy


For the purpose of this Social Media and Networking Policy, the policy will encompass public communications through such internet mediums and websites as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and any other social media network that allows users to communicate online. The policy will be applicable to all members of the Quinte West Soccer Club “Community”, including Directors, Teams, Quinte West Soccer Club members and staff, officials, players, players’ family members and supporters. Quinte West Soccer Club recognizes and appreciates the value of social media and the importance of social networking to all of its stakeholders. Quinte West Soccer Club also respects the right of all Teams and Association personnel to express their views publicly. At the same time, we must be aware of the dangers social media and networking can present. The purpose of this policy is to educate the Quinte West Soccer Club Community on the risks of social media and to ensure all Teams and Association personnel are aware that conduct deemed to be inappropriate may be subject to disciplinary action by Quinte West Soccer Club.



 a) Quinte West Soccer Club holds the entire Quinte West Soccer Club Community who participates in social media and networking to the same standards as it does for all other forms of media including radio, television and print.

 b) Comments or remarks of an inappropriate nature which are detrimental to a Team, the club or an individual will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.

c) It should be recognized that social media comments are on the record and instantly published and available to the public and media. Everyone including club and/or Team personnel, players, corporate partners and the media can review social media communications. You should conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.

 d) Refrain from divulging confidential information of a personal or team related nature. Avoid revealing business or game strategy that could provide another team or individual a competitive advantage. Furthermore, do not discuss injury information about any player. Only divulge information that is considered public.

e) Use your best judgment at all times – pause before posting. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for your comments and they are published for the public record.





The following are examples of conduct through social media and networking mediums that are considered violations of the Quinte West Soccer Club Social Media and Networking Policy and may be subject to disciplinary action by Quinte West Soccer Club.


a) Any statement deemed to be publicly critical of club officials or detrimental to the welfare of a member Team, the club or an individual.

b) Divulging confidential information that may include, but is not limited to the following:

· player injuries

· trades or other player movement

· game strategies

· any other matter of a sensitive nature to a member Team, the Club or an individual.


c) Negative or derogatory comments about any of the Teams or Quinte West Soccer Club, Quinte West Soccer Club programs, stakeholders, players or any member of Quinte West Team.

d) Any form of bullying, harassment or threats against players or officials.

e) Photographs, video or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behavior, including but not limited to:

· drug use

· alcohol abuse

· public intoxication

· hazing

· sexual exploitation


f) Online activity that contradicts the current policies Quinte West Soccer Club or any of its member associations.

g) Inappropriate, derogatory, racist, or sexist comments of any kind, in keeping with the Quinte West Soccer Club policies and regulations on these matters.

h) Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals or to misrepresent fact or truth.


Quinte West Soccer Club board of directors will investigate reported violation(s). If the investigation determines that a violation has occurred, Quinte West Soccer Club will follow the Ontario Soccer Discipline policy.


When using social media and networking mediums, Quinte West Soccer Club community should assume at all times they are representing Quinte West Soccer Club and/or its member associations or teams. All members of the Quinte West Soccer Club community should remember to use the same discretion with social media and networking as they do with other traditional forms of media. Should the identity or image of any member of the Quinte West Soccer Club Community be used in Social Media and networking without the Individual, Team or Association authorization, this is considered to be identity theft. Please contact Quinte West Soccer Club immediately. Any use of a player or team member’s image or likeness without the written consent of Quinte West Soccer Club is strictly prohibited.
Appendix “B”



House League Policies and Procedures





A parent or guardian of the player must complete the registration provided by the club. No player unless duly registered shall be permitted to take part in league play.  Fees must be received at time of registration.


A player shall register in only one (1) division.


Registrations shall expire at the end of each playing season.


Each player shall pay a registration fee as determined by the Board of Directors


In the event of a suspension or expulsion of a player, no refund of the registration fee or any part thereof shall be made.


All NSF cheques will be subject to a $30.00 administrative fee.  Both registration and administration fee must be paid in cash.  If after one (1) week from notice payment is not received the registration will be considered null and void.


Registrations after the last Thursday in March will be subject to a $10.00 late fee.


The Club Administrator shall place late registrants after the last Thursday in March on a waiting list.  They will be added on a “space available” basis to existing teams.



All refund requests must be submitted in writing.


A player will not be given a refund of registration fee if, for any reason he/she withdraws after his/her first scheduled game.


All refunds will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.


Refunds for medical reasons or re-location will be considered up to June 15 and will be subject to pro-rated fees based on games played.




The formation of house league teams at season start and throughout the entire season will be up to the full discretion of the House League Convenor.


Trades will only be made at the discretion of the House League Convenor.


Players will be distributed onto teams based on their previous year’s grading. 


If a coach/ parent or player refuses a trade in QWSC the player will forfeit all playing rights for the balance of the season or until the trade is completed.  If the player quits he/she must return all equipment to his original coach and no refund will be given. 






The division of the registered player shall be determined by their age as of January 1st of the playing season.  Divisions shall be comprised of the following



























































The age groupings for each division may be amended yearly by the Board of Directors to enable an optimal number of teams in each division.



4.1.1 Uniform Policy

Players are expected to comply with Ontario Soccer policies for game play attire.


SHIRTS – You must wear the issued team uniform to each game.  The uniform may not be altered in any way until the completion of the season.  

SHORTS – must be a BLACK sport short.

SHIN PADS – Shin pads are mandatory.

SOCKS - Players are to wear the socks provided with the uniform.  Socks are to be worn over the shin pads.

SHOES – Soccer cleats or running shoes are acceptable.  No metal spikes allowed.


Ball caps are allowed to be worn by the goalie only.  A cap being worn must be a soft brimmed peak and the peak must be facing forward.

4.2.1 Lateral Movement

Players are permitted to play with their assigned team only.  Any player playing on any team he/she is not assigned to will be suspended for one game and the coach will be suspended for three.


The Board of Directors may authorize a player to play in a higher division if his/her calibre is assessed as being capable of doing so.




Players, Parents, Coaches and Convenors are expected to conduct themselves as per the QWSC Code of Conduct, signed at registration.


Coaches shall be responsible to the Board of Directors and/or Disciplinary Committee for the actions of the players on their team.  They are expected to take all necessary precautions to prevent threats, assaults or the use of inappropriate language towards officials and players during or at the conclusion of the game.


The Disciplinary Committee may suspend any coach, assistant coach or manager who is found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct from coaching in QWSC.



Any coach or player ejected during a game must leave the park for the balance of the game.  If the ejected coach or player ignores this rule, the referee will stop the game and ask the person to leave the play area.  If the rule is still defied, the referee shall end the game and a win shall be awarded to the opposing team.


If the player that is being ejected from the game is also the coach of the team, a substitute coach must be named from the sidelines and the ejected player must leave the park before the game resumes.


Any player receiving a RED CARD in a game must leave the playing area for the balance of the game.  The referee is to make note on his card that a red card was issued and file the report as directed by ONTARIO SOCCER.


All red cards will be reviewed following the Ontario Soccer  Discipline by Review or Discipline by Hearing format.  The player and coach will be notified of any suspension and will serve the suspension immediately following notification of decision.


Referees must report to the Head Referee of the QWSC within twenty-four (24) hours any player/coach who has been sent off during a game. The referee must also provide a written report within forty-eight (48) hours to the Head Referee and the QWSC office of the incident.


Any player, coach or referee, whose behaviour causes the Disciplinary Committee to meet, shall be advised of the meeting and given the opportunity to present their case.  A copy of these minutes will be submitted at the next Board of Directors meeting.


The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of panel members as selected by the Discipline Chair.


QWSC team, player or coaching staff not following the Playing Rules, Constitution or By-Laws of the QWSC will come before the Disciplinary Committee of the QWSC.  Discipline ranging from forfeiture of the game and/or ejection from the QWSC may result.


6.0 League Standings


Three (3) points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a tie.  The team having the most points at the end of the regular schedule shall be deemed the League Champion. Stats are only kept for divisions in U13 and older.


In the event of a tie for first place, the house league tournament tie breaker format shall be applied.


Standings as of the first week of August will be used to determine tournament seeding for the year end tournament.


7.0 Game Cancellation


All games shall start at the scheduled time.  A 5-minute grace period will be given to a team in order to field the minimum player requirement to start a game.


A team may start a game with seven (7) or more players in Under 12 and up through to Under 18 and five (5) or more players in Under 7 and up through to Under 11.  If a team is not on the field in time for the scheduled kick-off, then that team shall forfeit the game through default.



A defaulted game shall be called if a team fails to field the minimum number of players.


The defaulted game score shall be recorded as 1-0 and three (3) points awarded to the winning team.


Games cancelled due to inclement weather prior to August 1 will be rescheduled only if part of the same division was able to complete their game(s).


If after August 1, a game is cancelled due to inclement weather and the game will determine league champions, the House League Convenor may choose to reschedule the game.


It will be up to the House League Convenor (HLC) to arrange a time and a place for the postponed game to be played and to notify all parties involved.  The House League Convenor is to then notify the Club Administrator and the Head Referee of the new date.  If the game is still not played at the new date and time, the game will not be rescheduled and regular game forfeit rules will apply.


8.0 Game Playing Policies


The playing rules shall be those set out in the latest available edition of the F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game.


For all divisions, substitutions may be made at the following stoppages of play; kick ins, throw-ins, goal kicks, goal scored, half time and injuries as decreed by the Referee. 


Goalies can be substituted at any stoppage of play, but the referee must be notified.  If the goalie changed at half time the referee is still to be notified or a yellow card can/will be issued to the goalie that was originally in net.


Size #3 Balls shall be used for all teams in Under 3 - Under 8 divisions

Size #4 Balls shall be used for all teams in Under 9 – 12 divisions

Size #5 Balls shall be used for all teams in Under 13 – 18 divisions


The duration of games shall be:                     

Under 4 and Under 3

1 – 45 minute program

Under 11

Under 12

2 x 25 minute halves

Under 5 and Under 6

2 x 20 minute halves

Under 13

2 x 30 minute halves

Under 7 and Under 8

2 x 25 minute halves

Under 15

2 x 35 minute halves

Under 9 and Under 10

2 x 25 minute halves

Under 18

2 x 45 minute halves


The half time interval shall not exceed five (5) minutes.


The size of the field of play may vary although the Board of Directors shall endeavour to schedule games on acceptable fields (as Parks and Recreation Board allows).



A team BEHIND by four (4) goals may add one player to the field until the score is at a three (3) goal spread to a maximum of three (3) extra players.  Once a goal is scored the team behind must remove the extra player from the field.


A team AHEAD by four (4) goals must remove a player.  An additional player must be removed if the spread increases to five (5).  This pattern continues until the team leading in goals reaches the minimum seven (7) players required to play in a game.  The leading team may return a player every time the opponents score.


All teams must be on the same side of the field and spectators on the opposite side of the field in order for the game to commence.  Refusal to co-operate could result in a forfeit.  The referee is to bring it to the attention of the coaches if this occurs and it must be corrected before the beginning of the game.


Slide tackling is not allowed in mini soccer and is a cautionable offence (Yellow card).  If a referee, in his opinion feels that a slide tackle has occurred, the player will be issued a yellow card and will be substituted out of the game.  The coach may substitute back into the game once his/her offence has been clarified.  Consistent slide tackling may result in ejection from the game.



9.0 Inclement Weather Policy



Unless previously notified, the referee is expected to go to his/her scheduled field and await the arrival of the teams before making a decision to cancel the game.  Teams must attend and be ready to play or will risk forfeiture of the game.


In the event of a game being cancelled by the referee because of hazardous playing conditions the referee is to notify the Head Referee and record the cancellation on the back of his game card with both team coaches’ signatures. 


If a game in progress is cancelled by the referee for inclement weather reasons and the game has completed the first half, the score at that time shall stand and the game deemed complete.  If the game was called in the first half of play, the score will be nil and the game will be re-scheduled as time permits.


Games will not be cancelled because of extreme heat.


In situations of extreme heat, the referee may choose to allow more frequent substitutions and water breaks.



10.0 Referee Policy



The referee will verify equipment for players at the beginning of each game.


Referee must drop off the fully completed game card to the designated drop-off spot, within 24 hours of the game.  Failure to do this will result in the referee not being paid.


Referees must submit a written report to the office and the head referee for all cautions and/or dismissals issued during a game.

Appendix “C” (cont’d)


Quinte West Soccer Club (QWSC)

Policies for Competitive Teams



1.0       Applicability - These QWSC policies apply to competitive teams and are in addition to SOUTHEAST ONTARIO SOCCER/ERSL policies and Ontario Soccer policies.


2.0       Pyramid of Play - The Ontario Soccer has established a set of rules and guidelines concerning the Pyramid of Play that covers all Regions, Districts, Leagues, Clubs, Teams and Players in the Province of Ontario and these rules and guidelines are supported by the QWSC.


2.1       The following promotion and relegation rules exist for these Leagues:


2.1.1    Teams are promoted or relegated through the pyramid based on their performance the previous season and the policies and procedures of the Ontario Soccer, while new Club teams start at the bottom of the pyramid;


2.1.2    Slots at the Multi-Jurisdictional, Regional and Provincial levels belong to the Club, not the team; and


2.1.3    Further details regarding promotion and relegation are found on the Ontario Soccer website, the SOUTHEAST ONTARIO SOCCER League website and ERSL League website.


3.0       Team Head Coach Selection - The process used to select coaches for competitive teams shall be as determined by the QWSC Board of Directors. The process usually takes place in the late summer/early fall for competitive teams for the following outdoor competitive season.


3.1       The QWSC requires each competitive team to have at least one team official who is certified as a coach.


3.2       All team officials must have completed the Ontario Soccer Respect in Soccer course currently available online.


3.3       If selected, coaches are initially offered the Head Coach position for a particular team for a period of two years, subject to a year-end review and interview after year one.


3.4       The QWSC Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or remove any team official.


4.0       Coach Training - The QWSC will fully subsidize the registration cost of coaching clinics to certify up to two coaches per competitive team once the Board of Directors has approved the Head Coach of the competitive team. Additional coach training will be at the Executive's discretion.


4.1       Coaches who would like to take advantage of this reimbursement program must book certification clinics on their own and submit receipt to office for reimbursement.


5.0       Team Official Responsibilities - Team Officials are selected by the team Head Coach. The team Head Coach is accountable for his/her team officials.


5.0.1    The Team Head Coach must submit a list of team officials to include one Assistant Coach and one Manager to the club office no later than March 31.


5.0.2    Exceptions to 5.0.1 must be clearly communicated to the rep liaison for approval.


5.1       The team Head Coach is expected to share in the responsibility of Club administration:


5.1.1    The team Head Coach, or a team representative, must attend the Club’s Annual General Meeting;


5.1.2    The team Head Coach shall actively encourage team parents to become involved with the Club administration in a volunteer capacity; and


5.1.3    The team Head Coach shall assist with any player development program or clinics organized by the Club.


5.2       The Team Head Coach shall assist, support and encourage the Club House League and lower level Competitive/All-Star Team Coaches in their respective age category.


5.3       All Team Officials shall abide by the procedures listed in the Rep Team Manuals.


6.0       Tryouts and Team Selection - The QWSC will communicate the date and times of all tryouts to teams as soon as bookings are confirmed.


6.1       "Early" tryouts are defined as tryouts taking place prior to the opening of Outdoor Registration at the Club's "Outdoor Registration Weekend" usually held in February each year.


6.2       Teams wishing to complete ‘Early” tryouts must submit in writing, a request to hold early tryouts to the Rep Liaison.


6.3       All competitive team Head Coaches shall conduct no less than three separate tryout sessions. Player decisions can not be made before the three tryout sessions are completed. The dates/times/location/fee (if any) of the tryout sessions shall be published on the QWSC website no later than one week prior to the time of the first tryout session. Coaches are also encouraged, but it is not mandatory, to communicate the tryout information via email, have it published in the local newspaper, distribute information flyers etc.


6.4       Team Officials shall not use or arrange to use any city field, school field, park, school gym, dome or other facility to conduct tryouts or practices without first receiving permission and/or the appropriate permit through the QWSC office. The QWSC assumes no liability (financial or personal liability) for bookings made without club knowledge.


6.5       All competitive teams that will play in the L5/L6 SOUTHEAST ONTARIO SOCCER loop shall confirm nine of fourteen players for mini-field teams and twelve of eighteen players for full-field teams on their roster if they conduct early tryouts. This allows room for players to express their interest in playing for a competitive team at Outdoor Registration Weekend. Any exception must be approved by the Club Head Coach or the Rep Liaison. The team Head Coach cannot release a confirmed player(s) to add a different player(s) at a later date unless the original player(s) voluntarily withdraws from the team in writing. The final roster positions can be filled anytime after Outdoor Registration Weekend.


6.6       Teams may select their full teams immediately after tryouts at the team Head Coach’s discretion, but if they fill their roster, they cannot release a confirmed player(s) to add a different player(s) at a later date unless the original player(s) voluntarily withdraws from the team in writing. Coaches will be encouraged to leave some room on the roster for new players that may show interest/move into the area when Outdoor Registration is opened.


6.7       Tryouts shall be open to all players from Quinte West and surrounding areas. Tryouts shall be conducted in an open and fair process. All interested players with or without competitive experience shall be encouraged to attend.


6.8       Each player trying out for a competitive team shall be registered for the tryout sessions by completing the Tryout Registration Form and submitting with the applicable tryout fee (if any) before being allowed to participate in the tryout.


6.9       The Tryout Registration form and fee (if any) shall be submitted to a team official at the tryout location, NOT at the QWSC Office. Each team Head Coach shall be responsible to collect the tryout registration forms and fees (if any) at the tryout location and submit to the club office within seven days of receipt.


6.10     Fines will be levied against team officials and/or teams that allow un-registered players to participate in a tryout. The schedule of fines is listed in the Rep Team Manuals.


6.11     Tryout fees (if any) are non-refundable. Individual teams may charge a "tryout fee" depending on where the tryouts take place in order to cover the cost of the facility (ie: Loyalist Dome, Turf field, etc.)


6.12     Players making a competitive team must also pay QWSC Outdoor Registration Fees and Rep Registration Fees by the deadline set by the club.  In the event of fall tryouts a $100 non-refundable deposit shall be collected from each player selected to a Wolverine team.  This fee will be applied to the following year’s registration fees.


6.13     Coaches shall communicate to parents and players the tryout results within one week of the conclusion of the third tryout session and these results shall be submitted to the Club office. (ie: player made the team, did not make the team, “is on the bubble”)


6.14     After selecting their team, the team Head Coach shall conduct a team meeting including parents, to discuss the team’s seasonal plan, appointment of team officials, coaching philosophy, budget, team rules, Club Policies and Procedures, and Club Code of Conduct.


6.15     The release of any rostered player shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Removal from the roster will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Refund Policy as outlined in this document. Reasons for release may include but are not limited to: poor attendance, discipline issues etc. Once approved by the Board of Directors, the team Head Coach shall communicate the decision to the parents of the player both verbally and in writing. If desired, the team Head Coach may involve the Rep Liaison and/or the Club Head Coach to assist or provide guidance in this respect.


6.16     When a player voluntarily leaves a team, the Team Head Coach must notify the Club.


6.17     U8 players wishing to try out for a U9 team must submit in writing to the office and the rep liaison one week prior to the tryout and must be assessed by the club head coach as a top five player in the U9 group.


7.0       Call Up Policy


7.1       Any team that requests a call up player from the House League will be charged an initial $20 start-up fee for that player.


7.2       House League Player Call ups - A competitive team may call up a house league player from within the appropriate age group for up to six games per season. Playing in a tournament counts as one game. Any exception to this policy is subject to approval by two of three of the House League Convenor, the Rep Liaison or the Club Head Coach.


7.3       Competitive Player Call ups - A competitive team may call up a competitive player from the age group below their team or from the same age group but a level down for up to six games per season. Playing in a tournament counts as one game. Any exception to this policy is subject to approval by either the Rep Liaison or the Club Head Coach. Note that ERSL League and Southeast ONTARIO SOCCER League rules regarding calling up players must be respected.


7.4       Any approved call up request after the six initial games is subject to a $20 administration fee per game.


7.5       All fees will be deducted directly from the team’s account. It is up to the team Head Coach to recover the fee from the player if so desired and to deposit the fee to the team account.


7.6       The Club will not approve player call up requests if the player will miss a scheduled game or tournament or Cup game for their own team.


7.7       Competitive team officials shall cooperate with each other throughout the season with respect to player call ups. Coaches calling up players from other competitive teams shall endeavour to contact the coach of the team where the player is being called up from before initiating the call up request with the Club. Coaches should excuse a player from a practice if necessary so that the player can play in the call up game or tournament.


7.8       Notwithstanding any policy wording within 7.1-7.7 above, if any team governed under the terms of LTPD, specifically U12 and below, had the opportunity to maximize its roster at tryouts and elected not to do so, then at no time shall the team be permitted to exercise call-ups to a point that is more than one player above the team’s registered roster.           


8.0       Playing Up Policy


  1. Playing-up occurs when a player is registered with a team in an age group older than the age group he or she would normally be in determined by date of birth alone.


8.2       U8 players wishing to try out for a U9 team must submit in writing to the office and the rep liaison one week prior to the tryout and must be assessed by the club head coach as a top five player in the U9 group.



8.3       Lateral Progression - A player requesting to play up an age group from a Level 5 age-appropriate team to a Level 5 not age-appropriate team must first be assessed and approved by the Club Head Coach or delegate. The player must be assessed as a “top five” player on the older age group team to be eligible for playing up.


8.2.1    In order to be considered for playing up by way of a lateral progression, the player must attend the age appropriate tryout first.


8.4       Pyramid of Play - A player requesting to play up an age group from a Level 5 age-appropriate team to a Level 3 or not age-appropriate team must first be assessed and approved by the Club Head Coach or delegate. The player must be assessed as capable of making the starting line up of the older age group team.


8.5       Grandfather Clause - A player shall be considered grandfathered on to a competitive team once that player has been approved to play up in two consecutive years. The grandfather status will remain in place as long as the player is on the team. If however, the player in question were to leave the team or not make the team then the grandfather status would be revoked.


8.6       Each competitive team shall have a maximum of three under-age players regardless of the rule applied (Lateral Progression or Pyramid of Play).


8.6.1    U9 teams may have a maximum of 2 under age players on their team.  For additional under age players the office must request permission from the SOUTHEAST ONTARIO SOCCER district.


8.7       Any exceptions to these playing-up policies must be approved by the Board of Directors.


9.0       Temporary Registration Permits (TRP’s) – TRP’s must follow ERSL League and Southeast ONTARIO SOCCER League regulations and shall be requested by team officials through the Club office no later than two weeks in advance.


9.1       TRP requests are subject to a $25 fee per request.     


10.0     Playing Time – playing time on competitive teams is at the discretion of the Team Head Coach except where playing time requirements are set by the League or the ONTARIO SOCCER (LTPD).


11.0     Number of Players Per Team – Competitive teams shall roster a minimum and maximum number of players as indicated in the following table, or as directed and set by the League, the District, or the ONTARIO SOCCER:



Age Group

Minimum # Players

Maximum # Players

U9 – U10 (mini-field)



U11-U12 (3/4 field)



U13 – U18 (full field)





11.1     All-Star teams shall roster the maximum number of players indicated above.


11.2     Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Board of Directors.


12.0     Player Recognition Program - The Club recognizes the importance of the ONTARIO SOCCER Long Term Player Development Program. Accordingly, the Club will reimburse Southeast ONTARIO SOCCER Academy participation fees for all QWSC players completing their U11 Outdoor Season who are then selected for the SOUTHEAST ONTARIO SOCCER Academy program beginning in late summer/early fall up to $50 per player to a club maximum of $500 per year total. (ie: if more than 10 players are selected to participate in the program, the maximum amount of $500 will be allocated amongst the selected players).


12.1     The reimbursement will be dispensed to players on 31 March of each year who are still actively participating and in good standing in both the Southeast ONTARIO SOCCER Academy program and our club. The reimbursement will not exceed the cost of the participation fees in the program.


13.0     Refund Policy - All refund requests must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable) to the Club office.


13.1     Full refund of Outdoor Registration Fees and Rep Registration Fees minus a $25 administration fee will be granted for competitive players withdrawing before the start of any league, Cup or tournament game whichever comes first.


13.2     In no case will any refund or partial refund be given if the request is received in the Club office later than 15 June.


13.3     If a player is released from a competitive team after 15 June by way of policy 6.15, only the Rep Registration Fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.


13.4     Tryout fees for any competitive team are non-refundable.


14.0     Tournaments – For tournaments that take place in Ontario, teams shall only participate in those tournaments that are sanctioned by the Ontario Soccer.


14.1     Travel permits must accompany all tournament applications outside the Southeast ONTARIO SOCCER Region. Travel permits are processed and approved by the Club office.


14.2     Where a team is playing out of the Province or outside Canadian borders, the team must ensure additional insurance coverage is secured as mandated by the Ontario Soccer and that the proper travel permit has been approved by the District.


  1. Teams are responsible for fees and costs associated with travel permits and insurance.


  2. $850 will be allocated to rep teams to use for tournament registrations.They

      must have funds in their account for any remaining tournament fees over

      $850 before the tournament entry cheque will be written.


15.0      All Fundraising for the purpose of subsidizing costs of year end parties, team building exercises, team apparel and additional tournament registration fees shall be approved by the QWSC.


15.1      No team may run a raffle without obtaining an official Lottery License.


15.2      No team shall have Alcohol or similar gift cards as a prize and/or reward for any Fundraising event.


15.3      Any team deemed in contravention of these policies shall face a $50 fine and forfeiture of any monies raised.

15.4      Funds from team accounts may only be returned to parents provided it is not fundraising or sponsorship dollars. Funds contributed as a start-up fee may be returned once all expenses are paid.


15.5      All fines or forfeitures monies shall be donated to a local charity selected by QWSC Board of Directors.